Sherry Pollex, smiling while posing next to little girl, at Catwalk
Photo Credit: Molly Grantham, WBTV

In August of 2014, Sherry Pollex became a part of this incredible, strong, inspirational and ever beautiful community of ovarian cancer survivors. OCRA first got to know Sherry when she was first diagnosed. We knew right away that Sherry was a special person, when her first question was, “How can I help save other women from going through the misdiagnosis I did and spread the word about ovarian cancer?”

And since then, that’s exactly what she’s done. She tells everyone she knows and meets about the symptoms and risk of ovarian cancer and the questions to ask if you think you might have ovarian cancer. She talks with other survivors about their treatment and how they’re doing outside of the doctor’s office and outside of their cancer.

In early May, on her 37th birthday, Sherry launched to provide a place for women to find hope, laughter and a raw, honest look inside of life after diagnosis. Sherry has also been a strong cheerleader for complementary therapies throughout her treatment and her goal is to make those therapies available to any woman going through treatment. Check out to hear Sherry’s stories and feel like you’re chatting with a good group of friends who want to make you laugh, feel strong and give you support, all at the same time.

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