New Ways to Build Community and Broaden Your Support System this Summer

As the busy summer months approach, OCRA remains committed to expanding support and offering new opportunities for our community to engage with others impacted by ovarian or other gynecologic cancers. With that in mind, we are happy to launch the first Staying Connected: Summer Series. This new series of online support groups will focus on specific topics of concern within our community. 

The Staying Connected: Summer Series will run June through August. Each month will delve into topics that greatly impact our community. June will focus on relationships of all kinds; July will cover fertility; and August will center on careers and work. These groups will meet every Tuesday at 7pm EST. 

The Summer Series will join our existing lineup of Staying Connected groups, allowing for many opportunities to stay involved with community this summer. Our weekly groups are Living Well, New Diagnosis, and Evolving Hope. Our monthly groups are Mindfulness, Movement, and Cancer; Loved Ones; and Express Yourself. All Staying Connected groups are facilitated by a member of our oncology social work team. 

Registration is required. Groups are offered to those impacted by ovarian or other gynecologic cancers, and are inclusive, nondenominational, culturally, and religiously sensitive.

Learn more about OCRA’s Staying Connected series and register to participate.

Staying Connected gynecologic cancer virtual support groups summer programming for living well, new diagnosis, evolving hope, express yourself, mindfulness, and loved ones

Interested in signing up for the Summer Series?

Registration opens 4-6 weeks before each meetup. If registration isn’t open yet for a meetup you are interested in attending, sign up for email alerts! Enter your information below, and we’ll send you an email when registration is open for each weekly meetup!

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OCRA is grateful for the support of this program provided by our sponsors.

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