Studies Show that Current Chemotherapy Dosage is Still Best Option for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

(September 15, 2017) Two studies just confirmed that, depending on one’s genetic background, the standard treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer is most likely the best option. The studies, conducted with two different populations, showed that, although the outcomes conflicted one another, the option that offered the best progression free survival was the one already used.

One study enrolled mostly European women, who were given one of three options: the standard 3 week dosing regiment, a weekly dose-dense paclitaxel regiment, or a weekly carboplatin and paclitaxel combination regiment. Researchers found that the weekly dosages did not make a difference in progression free survival when compared to the standard 3 week dosages. The other study, however, found the opposite to be true for Japanese women. When treated with weekly, dose-dense paclitaxel, the patients had a better overall survival rate as well as increased progression free survival in comparison to the 3 week standard treatment.

The difference is success rates is, “possibly due to genetic differences,” noted Domenica Lorusso, MD, PhD of ESMO 2017 Congress. Therefore, both options will be offered as standard treatment, but treatment offered may depend on whether the patient is Caucasian or Japanese.

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