The Overview: December 2023

2023: A Banner Year

We took meaningful steps in the fight against ovarian and related gynecologic cancers this year, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Join me for a look at this year’s most important updates, and please stand with us alongside patients, survivors and loved ones, with hope and commitment to a future without ovarian cancer.

In gratitude,

Audra Moran, President & CEO, OCRA

A message about our fundraising goal
Support from our community directly enabled this year’s advances, and next year we hope to do even more. We are pushing to raise $2 million in December, and need your help to get there. Please consider making a gift today. 

Dr. Bethany Hannafon (center), OCRA grantee, with team at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Historic Research Investment

Together we made an unprecedented commitment to better understand, prevent and treat ovarian cancer and related gynecologic cancers, underscoring our relentless pursuit of progress by awarding $9.2 million in research initiatives.

Genetic Testing and Prevention

OCRA’s groundbreaking message on the importance of risk awareness and prevention reached millions of people, and our free genetic testing kits helped thousands of people start the process of learning their risk — including 83 individuals whose tests identified genetic mutations,allowing them to take preventive action.

Expanded Mission

Recognizing the intertwining nature of ovarian and other related cancers, OCRA extended its mission to encompass related gynecologic cancers. This expansion facilitates research and offers additional patient support services for those facing these interconnected diseases.

Patient Support Impact

We’re proud that this year OCRA was able to help more people and families than everthrough our growing patient support programs. Our patient support line, virtual support groups, peer mentor program, clinical trial navigator, and National Conference officially expanded this year to help those facing ovarian and related gynecologic cancers through the challenges of diagnosis, treatment and beyond. 

Advocacy Drives Change

Through our Spring & Fall Advocacy Day and year-round efforts, OCRA’s advocates and policy team made important strides, meeting with 380+ Congressional offices to push for initiatives like expanded Medicare coverage for genetic testing, securing 19 new co-sponsors for federal education and awareness programs, co-founding a coalition to address and prevent chemotherapy drug shortages, initiating research into health disparities, and more.

On Capitol Hill for OCRA’s Fall Advocacy Day

Looking Ahead

We look forward to more progress in the coming year: Our first-of-its-kind patient registry for ovarian and endometrial cancer patients to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing; a Federated Data Network to accelerate collective progress toward a cure; a new doctor finder to help people find medical specialists; our first-ever Health Equity Research Grant, Sponsored by GSK to overcome barriers to care faced by marginalized communities; and more.

December is a critical fundraising period for OCRA, and the funds raised in these final weeks will determine our 2024 impact. Please make a year-end gift today. Thank you.

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