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News Story Shows How OCRA’s Survivors Teaching Students Program Teaches Medical Students the Human Side of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance’s healthcare education program was featured by News 12 Brooklyn for teaching SUNY Downstate Medical School students things they won’t learn in a textbook.

“The textbook can only do so much. It can tell you statistics, it can tell you what some people might feel,” said Mina Boutros, a medical student attending the program. “But every patient is different, and there’s a whole story behind each patient that no textbook can ever show.” 

Says Deborah Polinsky, a program facilitator and ovarian cancer survivor, “They may not remember our names or our faces, but they may remember something about our story.”

OCRA’s survivor volunteers have educated over 115,000 medical students since the program’s inception.

Photo: Headshot of Ginika Nwaba
Ginika Nwaba, OCRA’s Ann Kolker Advocacy Fellow

Interested in becoming a Survivors Teaching Students volunteer? Get started here.

OCRA’s Advocate’s Corner

Go behind the scenes with Ginika Nwaba, OCRA’s Kolker Fellow, to learn how our policy team and Advocate Leaders are working on behalf of the ovarian and gynecologic cancer community to boost federal funding, improve access to care, and more, in a special OCRA’s Advocate’s Corner.

June is Uterine Cancer Awareness Month

Photo with text overlay. Photo is of older woman with short gray hair, on a sofa with a young child. Both are very happy, smiling and embracing. Text reads June is Uterine Cancer Awareness Month.

More than 860,000 women are living with uterine/endometrial cancer in the U.S., making it the most common gynecologic cancer. As OCRA funds research that aims to cure ovarian and related gynecologic cancers, we are here for patients, survivors and loved ones impacted by uterine/endometrial cancer — providing opportunities for support and community engagement, advocating for increased research funding, and more. Learn about OCRA’s commitment to the uterine/endometrial cancer community, and get involved.

Webinar: Turn Passion Into Purpose

Check out our 30-minute recorded webinar to learn everything you need to know about elevating your impact with OCRA fundraising, including how to bring our signature events to your area, and tips for turning your own ideas into successful fundraisers that benefit the ovarian and gynecologic cancer community.

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