Three Ways to Support OCRA in ’23 … in 20 Minutes or Less

Many people talk about New Year’s resolutions in the month of January, which is all well and good. But sometimes these long-range goals don’t exactly stick. Why not focus on simple actions you can take right now?

Here are three things you can do in 2023 that will have a huge impact on OCRA, and on the future of ovarian cancer treatment and care. Even better, each one takes just a few minutes to complete.

  • Make a quick promise that lasts all year long. Join OCRA’s Promise Circle, a group of dedicated supporters whose gifts are enduring. With just one simple form, you can set up a monthly donation. Even a little bit goes a long way. (time to complete: 1 minute)
  • Include OCRA in your estate planning. No matter your age or wealth, estate planning is an act of responsibility that protects your loved ones, and can even help future generations. Need help creating a will? OCRA has partnered with FreeWill, a free online resource that guides you through the process of creating a legally valid will, and allows you to help build a brighter world for those facing ovarian cancer by including a gift to OCRA. (time to complete: 20 minutes)

Learn more about the benefits of estate planning and why others in our community chose to include OCRA in their will. If you’ve already included OCRA in your estate plan, let us know! We want to say thank you for your commitment to defeat ovarian cancer.

Cheers to 2023!

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