US Preventive Services Task Force: Ovarian Cancer Screening Not Effective for Low-Risk Women

(February 14, 2018) Today the US Preventive Task Force updated their recommendation on ovarian cancer screening, reaffirming their 2012 position that screening average risk women for ovarian cancer is not effective in reducing mortality from the disease. Furthermore, they stated that screening for ovarian cancer carries certain risk and harms that may be substantial, and that those harms outweigh any potential benefit from screening.

It is important to note that the recommendation does NOT apply to women at high risk of ovarian cancer, such as those with a family history of the disease, or with BRCA1/2 genetic mutations.

The complete recommendation was published in JAMA, with several accompanying editorials in related publications by experts in the field who offer their perspectives on the future of ovarian cancer screening.

This Medpage Today article provides an overview of the issue, and includes links to the accompanying editorials.

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