(Video) OCRA Researchers Using AI to Potentially Detect Ovarian Cancer

An OCRA research team is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop a blood test to potentially detect ovarian cancer, as part of an OCRA-funded study in partnership with Microsoft AI for Health.

OCRA grantee Daniel Heller, PhD, lead researcher at The Daniel Heller Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center discusses this cutting-edge technology and why it has the potential to save lives with Erica Byfield of NBC 4 New York, explaining that if their results are successful, “then we know, wow, we have something that could potentially tell us whether blood from a patient is cancer or normal.”

“We’re really excited about the power of AI because there has been such success in other disease areas, and because we have this great partnership with Microsoft,” says Audra Moran, OCRA’s President & CEO. “We think there’s so much potential.”

Dr. Heller’s grant was made possible in part by a generous donation from The Edmée Firth Fund for Research in Ovarian Cancer (EFFROC).

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