"What Makes My Mother Special" Mother’s Day Campaign

What better way to celebrate your mother, or honor her memory on Mother’s Day, than to share with the world what makes her the very best?

Throughout the past weeks, members of the OCRF online community have been invited to let others in on what makes the special mom in their lives the the most amazing mother they know.

We have been touched by these stories, and in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, as we share them with you, we hope you enjoy reading them as well.

Stay tuned on Mother’s Day, for an announcement of the lucky winner of the new, limited-edition Teal Buddha Talisman Necklace.

 Story shared by Paulette Fox
 Story shared by Tina Mercado 
 Story shared by Jon Zeidman 
 Story shared by Diana Wheeler 
Story shared by Victoria Synowiec
Story shared by Tracey Fuller
 Story shared by Jen Menchaca
 Story shared by Susan Yoss
 Story shared by Courtney Hart


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