#gyncsm Community

#GynCSM = Gynecologic Cancer Social Media. The community holds tweet chats 2nd Wednesdays at 9pmEST. The co-founders are Dee Sparacio (@womenofteal) and Christina Lizaso (@btrfly12). Drs. Shannon Westin (@ShannonWestin), Merry-Jennifer Markham (@DrMarkham), Rick Boulay (@journeycancer), and Anne Becker-Shutte (@DrBeckerSchutte) are the healthcare moderators. Participants meet others, share support and tips, interact with professionals, learn of new resources, and increase confidence in advocating for themselves and others. Topics have included clinical trials, genetics, personalized medicine, fertility, sexuality, and advocacy. Chat recaps can be found on our blog along with tips on participating. Find us on Twitter at @gyncsm and at gyncsm@gmail.com.