Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California

Gayle McKenna founded the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California in 1997. It was incorporated and obtained official non-profit status in 2001. The Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California unites the efforts of ovarian cancer survivors and individuals across California. We are working to ensure that women get the early treatment they need and this deadliest of gynecological cancers can be conquered.

We keep hope alive by focusing on these main areas:

Public Education

  • Raising public awareness by educating the community
  • We provide free educational materials in English and Spanish
  • We participate in Health Fairs put on by various companies and organizations such as Amgen, LAPD, Schools, Churches, etc.
  • We accept invitations to speak at various events and venues

Public Policy

  • Advocating for increased research funding, genetic testing policies and insurance for all therapies
  • Keeping informed about current Federal and State policies impacting women’s health issues


  • Providing grants to scientists and researchers working specifically on ovarian cancer
  • Supporting the scientific understanding of ovarian cancer in order to improve early detection and therapies to find a cure

Coordination and Communication

  • Coordinating efforts in the fight against ovarian cancer by developing networks within the community, state, and the nation
  • We are partnered with other organizations such as OCRA and other ovarian cancer organizations

Events and Activities

  • Annual Walk/Run for Hope and Awareness
  • Annual Lunch and Learn
  • Legendary Bingo
  • Educational Health Fairs
  • Educational Community Lectures

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