T.E.A.L. Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer Louisa M. McGregor Ovarian Cancer Foundation®

Tell Every Amazing Lady® offers women’s health and wellness services, including public awareness and education of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer, providing support to those impacted by the disease and raising funds for research in order to find a screening test and a cure.


FREE T.E.A.L. Amazing Lady Membership, apply at telleveryamazinglady.org/survivor

One of the many programs offered at Tell Every Amazing Lady® is called the T.E.A.L.® Amazing Lady Membership Program. It’s a free, tailored support service specifically for ovarian cancer patients and survivors, designed to respond to each woman’s needs related to her battle, as well as her personal interests. 


T.E.A.L.®’s premiere event, the Annual Brooklyn T.E.A.L.®Walk/Run, from which the foundation owes its inception, began in 2009 and has spread throughout the United States with other satellite T.E.A.L.® Walk events. 

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