Vicki Welsh Ovarian Cancer Fund

The Vicki Welsh Fund for Ovarian Cancer was founded with the goal of fighting ovarian cancer through awareness, education, research, and support. At the heart of the organization is Vicki Welsh, an outgoing and compassionate woman who lost her battle to ovarian cancer in 2006. Sadly, Vicki’s mother-in-law lost her own battle to ovarian cancer just three months later. Passionate about making sure no women suffer like his mother and Vicki did, Vicki’s husband, Dave Welsh, and their friend, Deborah Grazda, established The Vicki Welsh Fund, under the Spelman Foundation. The Fund was committed to educating women about ovarian cancer, a wish of Vicki’s.

In 2013 the Vicki Welsh Fund broke off to become its own nonprofit organization. Vicki’s wish for the need to better educate women about ovarian cancer is still the focal point around the Fund’s programs today. The Vicki Welsh Fund works throughout the year to educate the community about ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors by attending events such as health fairs and lunch and learns across the Kansas City area.

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