Clinical Trials

In cancer research, a clinical trial assesses new ways to diagnose, treat, screen and prevent cancer. Many medical advances we have today, including all the drugs that are currently used to treat ovarian cancer and other gynecologic cancers, came about as a result of clinical trials.

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Look for Clinical Trials Now

Browse open clinical trials taking place in the U.S and Canada using OCRA’s Clinical Trial Navigator. Search online by location, gynecologic cancer type, stage, past treatment, and more, or speak to someone on the phone who can walk you through what’s available.

Through participation in a clinical trial, patients have the chance to receive the latest and most innovative investigational medicines that experts think might improve their cancer.

Clinical trials are important options for all patients at all stages of their disease and treatment. If you’re hesitant about clinical trials, take a moment to learn more about the different types of clinical trials; their processes, regulations and costs; and view questions to ask your doctor.