Getting Involved

OCRA offers a number of ways to get involved — from fundraising to advocacy to peer mentorship. Learn more about how you can turn your experience into action.

Many ovarian and other gynecologic cancer survivors feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and a whole shift in perspective after they come out the other side of a diagnosis and treatment. They’re looking for ways to make meaning of what they just went through, as well as give  back to the community — both to support others in their shoes, and to make a lasting impact on the next generation.

OCRA virtual hero Sara Polikov, wearing a sleeveless Ovarian Cycle shirt, smiling with her three children in her home

OCRA Hero Fundraisers

Make a difference for others impacted by ovarian cancer and other gynecologic cancers, by hosting a fundraiser that can lead to better treatments and a cure. Our events team will help you find what works for you.