2006 Recipient — Ramandeep Rattan, PhD

Ramandeep Rattan, PhD

Gene May Be an Early Marker for Ovarian Cancer

Project Summary

Unfortunately, most ovarian cancer is detected too late and treatment options become limited. Therefore, a better understanding of early changes in ovarian cancer should allow early detection, better diagnosis and improved treatment. Dr. Rattan has used state of the art gene technology to identify early genetic changes in ovarian cancer by comparing the genetic fingerprints of early and late stage tumors. Recently, his analyses have identified a gene called TCEAL7, which his evidence suggests might be important in changing ovarian epithelial cells to cancer cells, an early step in the disease process. In his project, he is studying how TCEAL7 acts with other biochemical pathways to cause these cancerous transformations. His research might someday lead to the use of TCEAL7 as an early marker of disease or as a target for new drug treatment.

Areas of Research:


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