2016 Recipient — David Spriggs, MD

David Spriggs, MD

Novel Approaches to Immunotherapy

Project Summary

This project represents 4 novel approaches to ovarian cancer. The first integrates mutational analysis as a biomarker for immune therapy; the second combines oncolytic viral therapy with checkpoint blockade; the third proposes to create a MUC16 / antiCD3 bispecific antibody and the last develops a novel antibody against a common internal protein in ovarian cancer.

Areas of Research:


Dr. Spriggs is currently a medical oncologist and Associate Director of Clinical & Translational Science. In this senior role, Dr. Spriggs will guide research integration within MSKCC and advise the institution’s leadership on strategic issues that affect interdisciplinary research. He is also the leader of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Division of Solid Tumors. He manages gynecologic malignancies (predominantly ovarian cancers) and leads the program in early drug development.

Additionally, he runs clinical trials that are testing new, targeted drugs, and oversees a small research laboratory looking for answers to such questions as why certain tumors resist drug treatment and how genes can affect the development of tumors.

He attended the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and had residencies at Presbyterian Hospital and The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center. He completed his fellowships at Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.