2005 Recipient — Min Zhu, PhD

Min Zhu, PhD

A Protein’s Possible Role in Ovarian Cancer Metastasis

Project Summary

More than 85 percent of ovarian cancers are epithelial, and the majority of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer are diagnosed with tumor metastases. Metastasis is the main reason for cancer recurrence. Therefore, identifying the genes responsible for metastasis may provide the potential targets for novel and more efficient treatment for this disease. Dr. Zhu has identified a protein called peroistin that is overexpressed in ovarian cancer-derived epithelial cells. This protein promoted tumor growth and increased blood vessel formation near the tumor. In the project, Dr. Zhu plans to study how peroistin leads to metastasis and how an antibody against peroistin might prevent metastasis. Findings should provide insights into the mechanisms of metastasis and the design of a targeted therapy against the process.

Areas of Research:


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