2008 Recipient — Thuy-Vy Do, PhD

Thuy-Vy Do, PhD

Understanding How Ovarian Cancer Spreads

Project Summary

Survival rates for ovarian cancer are significantly improved when disease is detected early, before cancer cells spread beyond the ovary. Therefore, therapeutic strategies that inhibit cancer cell spread should improve survival rates. Dr. Do investigates the utility of certain drugs, called Aurora A kinase-specific inhibitors, to slow tumor growth in mouse models of ovarian cancer. Dr. Do hypothesizes that Aurora A kinase regulates ovarian cancer cell maturation and spreading and that these drugs should stop those processes. Findings could lead to new treatments for the disease.


Dr. Do has been focused on research that will lead to a better understanding of mechanisms of ovarian cancer metastasis for over six years. Dr. Do received her PhD from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine (Chicago, IL).