Our Approach

To ensure that we are funding only the most outstanding research projects, Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance makes grants through a rigorous review process. The process starts with a request for proposals (RFP) issued by OCRA in spring of each year. Applicants respond to the RFP with a short “letter of intent” that briefly describes the research project. The letters of intent undergo rigorous evaluation by members of our Scientific Advisory Committee, a group of experts in ovarian cancer.  The top ranked applicants are then invited to submit more detailed full proposals, which are again reviewed by the SAC.  After a review and discussion, the SAC makes final recommendations for funding to the OCRA Board of Directors, who approves the grants for funding.

The review process—including all meeting deliberations, scores and critiques of proposals—is confidential. A confidentiality and conflict-of-interest statement must be signed by each reviewer.

Visit For Grantseekers for information on applying for an OCRA grant.