Sponsor a Scientist

OCRA grantees are making great strides in learning more about the origins of ovarian cancer,  understanding the molecular biology of the disease, and improving treatments. Our Partners in Science program gives donors the opportunity to directly support an OCRA-funded researcher.

Partners in Science donors can ‘sponsor a scientist’ based on factors such as geography, institution, or focus of research. The minimum contribution is $20,000. Like any OCRA grantee, the sponsored researchers’ projects are reviewed every year by our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

Those who sponsor a scientist are able to choose who they want to support after reviewing grant information such as project summaries, abstracts, or full proposals. Sponsors will receive communication about that researcher’s progress and publications., and will also be acknowledged on the OCRA website and in write ups about that researcher. Depending on the investment amount, they can sponsor more than one scientist, or be a co-sponsor with another Partner in Science donor.

Learn more about how you can directly support an OCRA-funded researcher.

Sponsor a Scientist

Individual donors, family foundations, and local, state or national organizations can all sponsor a scientist. Similarly, groups of friends or family can support specific research as a tribute to a loved one. We will work closely with those supporters and help guide them through the process.

To learn more about becoming an OCRA Partner in Science, please contact Jon Zeidman at jzeidman@ocrahope.org or 212-268-1002.