What We Fund

Because it is impossible to predict where the next breakthrough in ovarian cancer research will come from, OCRA funds many different areas of ovarian cancer research. The type of research study conducted is determined by the question to be answered.

Basic Science

Questions about disease at the cellular and molecular level, such as why cancer cells behave the way they do, are answered through “basic science” research. Basic science research is not done in people; it is done in laboratories with experiments involving things like tissue samples, cells, or animal models, rather than human subjects.

Translational Research

Translational research takes the findings of basic science research and “translates” them into practical medical advances that help people.

Clinical Research

Questions about how or if a treatment works, including specific drugs or devices, or perhaps if a screening test is effective, are answered through “clinical research.” Clinical research is based on the findings of basic science research, and involves people. It often includes clinical trials, which are studies where people volunteer to participate in tests for new drugs, therapies, screening methods or devices. The results of clinical research can be applied to ensure that patients are receiving the best possible care.