Why Fund Research?

Advances in the fight against all disease, including ovarian cancer, are only realized through medical research. Medical research is how illness is understood, and how strategies to combat diseases are developed, including new treatments, preventative measures, and ultimately cures. Through research projects, or studies, scientists conduct experiments to try to answer specific questions about diseases.

In the field of ovarian cancer, researchers are seeking to answer many questions:

Are there ways to prevent ovarian cancer? Why are some women more likely to get ovarian cancer than others? Why does ovarian cancer often come back after initial treatment? Why do some treatments work well in some women, but not well in others? Only research will help us find the answers to these critical questions.

Despite the pressing need, ovarian cancer research is under-funded.

Studies have shown that ovarian cancer is dramatically under-funded, especially give the disease’s high mortality and burden on society. Government funding for ovarian cancer research, which for many years was stagnant, has not kept pace with inflation, leading to a net decline in the impact of each dollar spent. Furthermore, less than six cents of every dollar spent on health in the U.S. is spent on research to prevent, cure and treat disease, while 31 cents per dollar is spent on hospital care.

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance plays a critical role in the fight against ovarian cancer.

As the largest and oldest non-profit funder of ovarian cancer research in the United States, we are committed to financing cutting-edge medical research at this important time. Scientists are on the threshold of many important new discoveries. New tools and technologies, along with an ever-increasing understanding of the molecular basis and origins of the disease, offer extraordinary scientific opportunities to make progress in ovarian cancer research.

Medical research is essential to saving more women’s lives. Join us in our fight!