STS/Teach Healthcare Students

We don’t just engage with policymakers on behalf of the ovarian cancer community; we conduct outreach to rising medical professionals as well. Survivors Teaching Students® (STS) is a program that seeks to have an impact on the way the healthcare professionals of tomorrow understand, diagnose and treat ovarian cancer.

Survivors, patients and caregiver volunteers step inside the medical or nursing school classroom — in person or virtually — to share their stories and crucial messages about risk factors and symptoms. In doing so, they enhance future healthcare professionals’ understanding of the disease in order to facilitate earlier diagnosis, and better treatment and care. 

OCRA has more than 900 volunteers reaching 12,000 students each year at more than 350 schools. And we can always use more volunteers!

To bring an STS program to your institution, or to volunteer as a presenter, click the button below, or contact Susan Leighton, National Program Director, at

Already a Survivors Teaching Students volunteer? View the toolkit.

healthcare students and cancer survivors in classroom

Survivors Teaching Students is supported by grants from: