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Social media makes it easy to rally online communities around a cause. OCRA Heroes around the world are making a difference by fundraising through their social media channels. Whether you’re a livestreamer, content creator, or simply spend time on Facebook, you can help!

Create a Livestream Fundraiser

Livestreamers and content creators, we need you! Tap into Tiltify to fundraise on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms.

Facebook Challenge FAQs

What are Facebook Challenges and how do they work?

OCRA’s Facebook Challenges are virtual challenges that support Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. Sign up to join our online community in a specific activity for a month to help raise awareness and vital funds for all those impacted by ovarian and other gynecologic cancers. Complete your activity virtually, wherever and whenever works best for you, with a friend or solo. 

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate in OCRA’s Facebook Challenges. However, you must have a Facebook account in order to create a challenge fundraiser and then register in Facebook Messenger to log activity and claim rewards throughout the challenge. If your children or grandchildren are participating with you, you can record their activity with yours in Messenger.

Where does the money go?

Your donation helps Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) fund vital research, offer programs that support patients and families, and advocate for everyone in the ovarian and gynecologic cancer community.

How can I donate directly to Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance if I choose to do so?

You can find all the information you need to donate directly to our organization here.

Can people without a Facebook account still donate?

Unfortunately, we cannot link any donations received outside of Facebook to your challenge fundraiser. You may choose to have your friend send you money or a check directly, and then donate on their behalf to your Facebook fundraiser. If you are the one inputting a donation, Facebook will show the donation was made in your name. We recommend giving your friend recognition on your Facebook page by tagging and thanking them for their donation in a comment. 

How often does OCRA hold Facebook Challenges?

We hold a variety of Facebook challenges throughout the year with different activity types. Follow our main Facebook page to receive updates on how to get involved and take on future challenge opportunities. 

Our Community

OCRA means a lot to me because Pookie, my late grandmother, passed away from ovarian cancer. I want to be a part of this cause to help prevent the massive scars left after losing a loved one to this disease.
Gamer, OCRA Hero