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Ovarian cancer is a complex disease, and more is being discovered each day about its origins and behavior. This section offers a wealth of information that will deepen understanding and help those who may be navigating a diagnosis.


We can’t yet cure ovarian cancer, but there are strategies to potentially prevent it. Learn more.

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Genetic Testing FAQs

Genetic testing is an important tool in the prevention of ovarian and other gynecologic cancers. According to many studies…

Our Community

Dr. Ronald Buckanovich
We need people doing the research that will drive the next thoughtful and creative trial, and we’re getting it because of organizations like OCRA.
Dr. Ronald Buckanovich
OCRA Scientific Advisory Committee & Former Grantee
Yvette Jives
It’s about getting women to have their own voice, to become familiar with their family history. To advocate for themselves.
Yvette Jives
Ovarian Cancer Survivor
Teddy, Kate and Lindsey Trosset
We chose to run a half-marathon to continue our mom’s love for running and to raise money for ovarian cancer research. We run for our mom and the thousands of other women diagnosed every year.
Teddy, Kate and Lindsey Trosset
OCRA Heroes