Commitments to Make in the New Year That Support OCRA

It’s a new year, and there’s no better time to commit to simple actions that can make a big impact! So simple, that they take between one minute and half an hour to complete.

  • Include OCRA in your estate planning. No matter your age or wealth, estate planning is an act of responsibility that protects your loved ones, and can even help future generations. Need help creating a will? OCRA has partnered with FreeWill, a free online resource that guides you through the process of creating a legally valid will, and allows you to help build a brighter world for those facing ovarian cancer. (time to complete: under 25 minutes)

If you’ve already included OCRA in your estate plan, let us know! We want to say thank you for your commitment to defeat ovarian cancer.

Together we’ll make it a meaningful 2022!

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