OCRA Awards Nearly $6.5 Million in Ovarian Cancer Research Grants

OCRA awards nearly $6.5 million in research grants for 2022, featuring grantee photos

More breakthroughs are on the horizon, as OCRA has awarded grants to 22 dedicated scientists at 15 prestigious medical institutions to enable future ovarian cancer discoveries.

With this funding, OCRA grantees aim to answer questions that have vexed the scientific community, building on our collective knowledge and identifying new opportunities for ovarian cancer prevention and treatment.

These new projects target a range of important issues, reflecting the complexity of the disease — seeking more effective options for treating several types of ovarian cancer, including rare subtypes, and recurrent metastatic tumors that have become resistant to current therapies; exploring immunotherapy’s potential; investigating disease origins; working toward more personalized therapies; and harnessing cutting-edge technologies for molecular tumor profiling and data sharing, that can accelerate progress across the entire ovarian cancer field.

“OCRA is so pleased to fund this new and talented group of ovarian cancer researchers, whose groundbreaking ideas and commitment to ending this disease show extraordinary promise,” said Audra Moran, OCRA’s President & CEO. 

“We are proud, and grateful, to support these dedicated scientists who are breaking new ground in the fight against ovarian cancer, and tackling some of the most critical challenges in treatment and care, to help more patients and families and bring us closer to a cure.”

Your support made these grants possible. We thank you, deeply, for standing with us and contributing toward our grants and programs that can change outcomes, and save lives. 

We look forward to sharing more information on our grantees and their work, and reporting on discoveries all across the field, throughout the year.

Get to know our 2022 grantees and their innovative projects

Ann and Sol Schreiber Mentored Investigator Award Recipients

Liz Tilberis Early Career Award Recipients

Collaborative Research Development Grant Recipients

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