OCRA Closes Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month with Game-Changing Initiatives

New York, NY, September 26, 2023 — As Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) is announcing a trio of initiatives that carry profound implications for ovarian cancer and related research and patient support:  OCRA will expand its mission to include related gynecologic cancers, will create the first comprehensive ovarian and endometrial cancer registry, and will initiate a groundbreaking international data commons.

Audra Moran, President and CEO of OCRA, stated, “This marks a pivotal moment in our fight against ovarian and related cancers. These three initiatives represent a profound step toward a future where these cancers no longer dictate lives.”

Expanding Mission: Bridging the Gap for Gynecologic Cancers

Recognizing the intertwining nature of ovarian and other related cancers, OCRA extends its mission to encompass related cancers such as endometrial. This expansion acknowledges research commonalities to hasten progress, and offers vital patient support services for individuals battling these interconnected diseases.

First Comprehensive Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Registry: A Pioneering Initiative

OCRA will pioneer the launch of the first comprehensive ovarian and endometrial cancer registry, a central repository of crucial data providing invaluable insights into the diseases’ complexity. By aggregating information from patients, OCRA arms researchers with tools to expedite progress toward a cure. The registry fosters global collaboration and knowledge-sharing among researchers and healthcare professionals.

Ground-Breaking Data Commons: Transforming Ovarian Cancer Research

In Phase 1 of an innovative venture, OCRA lays the foundation for an interconnected data commons allowing researchers to share and access biodata from around the world. This platform fuels ongoing research, acting as a hub for international collaboration among medical professionals and researchers.

Moran highlighted the significance of these initiatives: “Our commitment to this trio underscores our dedication to transforming ovarian and related cancer research and patient care. Together, they represent the building blocks of a future where these cancers are no longer insurmountable.”

These announcements reaffirm OCRA’s commitment to propelling Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month into a catalyst for progress and providing hope for affected individuals and families.

About Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA)

OCRA is the leading global organization combating ovarian cancer while supporting patients and families. Founded in 1994, OCRA has invested $122 million in scientific breakthroughs, helped secure $3.7 billion in federal research and education funding, and annually supports 95,000 individuals through its programs.

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