OCRA-Funded Research Explores New Pathways for Understanding Metastases

In an effort to further understand disease initiation and progression, OCRA grantee Dr. Sumegha Mitra, along with colleagues at Indiana University, conducted research which revealed key changes in gene expression occurring during the initiation and early metastasis of ovarian cancer.

Dr. Mitra and colleagues identified targets and pathways which can be explored in the future to better understand the mechanisms dictating the metastasis of ovarian cancer. The results of this study highlight the importance of continuing to explore the tumor microenvironment, and could be an effective way to understand the whole spectrum of metastasis.

“These findings will help in understanding the key pathways involved in ovarian cancer progression and eventually targeting those pathways for therapeutic interventions,” said the investigators in their findings published in the October edition of Cancers.

You can find the full study via Open Access.

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