OCRFA Funded Study Looks at the Link Between Hypertension and Ovarian Cancer

(April 25, 2017) Researchers from Roswell Park Cancer Institute used data from 15 different studies that were part of the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium, partially funded by OCRFA, to examine the relationship between epithelial ovarian cancer and hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and the medications associated with those diseases.

After reviewing over 7,600 cases, it was found that, while diabetes increased mortality, those with hypertension had a 46% lower risk of ovarian cancer progression. Additionally, neither hypertension nor heart disease was found to increase mortality.

The researchers concluded that the use of beta blockers, insulin, diuretics, and oral antidiabetics may affect the overall survival and progression free survival among epithelial ovarian cancer patients. They also highlighted the fact that there needs to be more research into histological subtype and comorbidities.

You can read the article in Cancer Causes and Control here or read about it in New Medical here.

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