Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Toolkit

Sharing the facts can save lives. So let’s talk.

We need you to help spread the word this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! Be an OCRA Ambassador simply by grabbing the graphics below (right-click and save to your computer to download) and sharing on social media, along with our educational quiz. Scroll down to find some sample text to copy and paste, if you need some inspiration.  

Or, follow @OCRAHOPE on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram and share or retweet our posts about symptoms and risk factors. Together we can make a difference.  

Facebook and Instagram Graphics

Inspiration copy:

Here’s a question, friends! Do you know enough about ovarian cancer? You should! This quiz takes just five minutes to complete, and you’ll learn information that could potentially save a life — yours or someone else’s: https://bit.ly/3jf7vl9

It’s #OvarianCancerAwarenessMonth. There is no early detection or screening for this awful disease, but knowing your risk can make a big difference. Do one good thing for yourself today, and learn more about disease that affects every 1 out of every 78 women: https://bit.ly/3jf7vl9 @ocrahope

Suggested hashtags: #letstalk #ovariancancer #ocam #ocrahope

Instagram Pro tip: Links aren’t clickable in Instagram. Add https://bit.ly/3jf7vl9 to your Instagram profile bio, or to your #linkinbio, and tell your Instagram followers to visit your profile for more info!

Twitter Graphics

Inspiration copy:

#LetsTalk! Do you know your risk for #ovariancancer? You should! Take this short quiz and get informed: https://bit.ly/3jf7vl9
Share this with 5 friends to help save lives! @ocrahope

It’s #OvarianCancer Awareness Month. Do one good thing for yourself today — learn more about this devastating disease with this quick quiz: https://bit.ly/3jf7vl9 @ocrahope

Suggested hashtags: #letstalk #ovariancancer #ocam #ocrahope

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