Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is the official month for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is our time to spread the word about risk and prevention, rally for more scientific research, and make progress toward a cure. Read on for ways you can be an ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

Here’s how you can make a difference this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

There are so many ways to bring us closer to a cure. Go virtual, find or host an event near you, spread the word about prevention, or simply make a donation to drive research forward. Make sure to sign up for our Ovarian Cancer National Conference — it’s virtual, no travel required! — to empower yourself with knowledge and resources.

Help us reach our $300,000 September fundraising goal

For the first time ever, we’re giving donors the power to designate their contributions to specific aims of our mission. Throughout September, you can choose to give toward research, patient support programs, free genetic testing, or general support. Your donation will directly impact the area that matters most to you.

Go virtual — ways to get involved online

#gameOVAR – Livestream for a Cure

Bring a stream of funds to ovarian cancer research, advocacy and support programs when you livestream on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more platforms.

Make a Facebook Fundraiser

If you’re on Facebook, fundraising is just a click away. Share your fundraiser with family and friends, and donations will come directly to OCRA.

Go local — events and opportunities near you

Participate in an Ovarian Fitness Event

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or love to feel the burn for a good cause, your workout can support the fight against ovarian cancer. Find or host an event today.

Fundraise Your Way

Have an idea for a fundraiser? We have all the tools you need to help bring an event to your community. Get in touch or get started today!

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Ambassador Social Media Toolkit

Graphic: teal circle with the words Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Across the middle of the circle, the word September appears on a gold ribbon. OCRA logo is in below the ribbon.
OCRA’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Badge
Right-click and save to download

Share ovarian cancer facts and raise awareness about prevention

As we strive for better treatments and a cure, advocate for our community, and support those facing this disease, prevention is our best tool in the fight against ovarian cancer. We need you to help spread the word about ovarian cancer risk factors, genetic testing and prevention.

Right-click and save to download these risk and prevention graphics, and share on your social media channels to educate more women. Scroll down to find sample captions to copy and paste into your posts.

Caption 1:

Knowing your ovarian cancer risk could save your life. Visit ocrahope.org/ovcamonth to find out what crucial steps to take today.

Caption 2:

No early detection test exists for ovarian cancer, but you can dramatically reduce your risk by being proactive. Visit ocrahope.org/ovcamonth to learn about a revolutionary approach to prevention—and how it’s saving lives. 

Caption 3:

You have the power to potentially protect yourself against ovarian cancer. Visit ocrahope.org/ovcamonth to find out how to significantly reduce your risk.

Ovarian Cancer Quiz

Test your knowledge about ovarian cancer risk and prevention. Share on your social media channels to spread the word for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Together we can make a difference!

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