Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

September is the official month for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

ovarian cancer survivor wearing teal survivor shirt, raising arms to show strength

For patients and families in the throes of diagnosis or treatment, ovarian cancer can represent a cruel paradox: It overtakes every aspect of life, but often feels like those outside our bubble are hardly aware it exists. 

That’s why Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is so important. Every September, we have a crucial opportunity to spread the word so others can become as knowledgeable as we are, and make real inroads toward a future in which no one suffers this deadly disease.

Donate to fund life-saving ovarian cancer research

Make your Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month gift

In honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we’re setting out to raise $200,000 to drive forward critical research — and get us that much closer to the next major breakthrough. 

As the largest non-government funder of ovarian cancer research, OCRA is the voice for the ovarian cancer community: funding breakthroughs and driving progress, while supporting patients and families through innovative support programs.

In these challenging times, in one of our biggest fundraising months, your gift is especially crucial. Please help us reach $200,000 with your gift of any amount today.

Here’s how you can get involved this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

Throughout September, you’ll hear from our researchers, advocate leaders, supporters and survivors, all sharing why they stand with OCRA. You’ll have opportunities to make a difference—whether shopping to support ovarian cancer research, sharing stories, or making your voice heard. Be sure to follow OCRA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and sign up for email updates so you don’t miss a thing!

Attend our Uniting for Hope National Conference virtually on November 1 – November 3, 2023

OCRA National Conference 2020

Our Uniting for Hope Ovarian Cancer National Conference is the largest and longest-running ovarian cancer conference. It brings together patients, caregivers, survivors, advocates and friends to learn about the latest developments in diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer. This year’s online event, will offer opportunities to learn, connect and network, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Take our ovarian cancer quiz

Think you know the facts? Take our short, educational quiz to test—or refresh—your knowledge, and then share it with friends and family!

Share ovarian cancer facts and raise awareness

common symptoms of ovarian cancer include bloating, difficultly eating or feeling full quickly, pelvic or abdominal pain, urinary urgency or frequency. if any of the above occur for 2 weeks or longer, and are new and unusual for you, see a gynecologist and ask about ovarian cancer.
Know the symptoms of ovarian cancer

We need you to help spread the word about the symptoms and risk factors, along with the need for increased federal funding, to help solve the mysteries of ovarian cancer this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Learn how you can get involved!

Be an OCRA Hero and fundraise for cures

Be a Hero and make a difference! You can fundraise your own way, participate in an existing Ovarian Fitness event, or create a tribute page in honor of a loved one, or to celebrate your own survivorship. You can even fundraise for ovarian cancer research on Facebook!

Let’s take our collective knowledge about ovarian cancer (knowledge we gained the hard way) and share it—act on it—to save more lives. Together we can make a difference!

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