Phil and Judy Messing: OCRF Partners in Science

Messing Family

When Phil and Judy Messing lost their daughter Carol to ovarian cancer in 2008, they knew they wanted to honor her memory by supporting ovarian cancer research. They searched for an organization that would help them feel connected and involved, and found that in OCRF. They chose to participate in our Partners in Science Program which allowed them to sponsor a grantee selected by OCRF’s world-class Scientific Advisory Committee, taking the guesswork out of what can be a daunting process for anyone who wants to give to research but is not immersed in this world.

The Messings recently had the opportunity to meet with Yin Wang, Ph.D., the researcher at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, that they are supporting, and his team. Speaking with them after their visit to Jacksonville, we were so moved by their perspective that I wanted to share it with you.

“We had a very warm feeling when we left the meeting with the Mayo Clinic research team. We really got a sense that these are extremely dedicated people doing great work, and that our money is in good hands.

They presented their research findings with such excitement, which was very rewarding and inspiring for us. We had no great expectations– we know that breakthroughs are rare—but the team there sees potential for great progress. We also know that not getting an answer, not proving your hypothesis, is sometimes as good as proving it because it means others don’t have to pursue the same path. Any research that brings us closer to better understanding the disease is worth funding.

The more we learn about the disease, the more we realize how insidious it is, yet we have hope. Like many people who have been touched by this disease, we hope that research today will benefit women in the future, whether in our own family or in someone else’s. Scientists are learning more about ovarian cancer every day, but we know that further research is vital and more funding is needed. Unless science is supported, future breakthroughs won’t happen.

People can do what they can do. At this moment in our lives, we’ve reached a point where we can do a little more. But whether you are donating $5.00, $20.00, or $20,000, you can be part of a larger community of people who are giving their dollars and building on each other’s contributions to end this disease. Each of us can provide money to this impressive organization, and fund the top-notch experts who have the ability, passion and curiosity to pursue the best science. This is our chance to help them make a difference and we are very proud to be a part of this extraordinary community.”

The Messings affirmed what we truly believe—research is the only answer, and OCRF investigators are leading the way forward. We DO rely on every single donation, large and small. And, thanks to our many dedicated supporters, we can continue to fund cutting-edge research projects that will achieve significant progress in the fight against ovarian cancer.

Learn more about OCRF’s Partners in Science Program.

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