President & CEO Audra Moran Joins Katie Couric to Talk Ovarian Cancer Prevention

Audra Moran, President & CEO of OCRA, joined Katie Couric to explain important new developments around symptoms and early detection of ovarian cancer, and what this means for the future.

A seminal study came out about a year and a half ago that showed, unfortunately, that early detection of ovarian cancer, even in an earlier stage of the cancer, did not affect mortality,” says Moran in the below interview with Katie Couric. “That was really, really hard to hear. So we started thinking about, what can we recommend? What will make a difference?”

Learn more about OCRA’s proactive message, endorsed by the Society of Gynecologic Oncology. OCRA is encouraging all individuals to know their family history and consider genetic testing (OCRA offers free genetic tests to qualified individuals), and urging women to speak with their doctors about the possibility of fallopian tube removal at the time of other planned pelvic surgeries.

Video: Katie Couric, “Why fallopian tube removal can reduce cancer risk”

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