OCRA-Funded Scientists Further Study Gene Mutation Connected to Ovarian Cancer

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An international collaborative of scientists, including Dr. Ronald Chandler at Michigan State University, studied ARID1A mutations, which are specific gene mutations observed in deep ovarian and deep infiltrating endometriosis.

The authors of the study noted that seeing a high frequency of these mutations in deep ovarian endometriosis supports evidence linking this to endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer. ARID1A mutations, therefore, may increase the risk of endometriosis and other malignant gynecological disease.  

The study authors demonstrated this gene mutation may “[play] an essential physiological role in maintaining endometrial tissue homeostasis and preventing cell invasion.” 

To find out more, read the study published in Cell Reports through ScienceDirect. 

ARID1A and ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer researchers, including several OCRA grantees, have studied the ARID1A gene mutation, in the quest to solve the mysteries of ovarian cancer and find a cure. Read more about the ARID1A projects undertaken by OCRA-funded scientists:

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