The New York Times Publishes OCRF’s Letter to the Editor 8/12/15


In response to the article “An Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Recommended Since 2006, is Found to be Underused,“ published in the Health section of The New York Times on August 3, 2015, OCRF co-wrote a Letter to the Editor along with Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, strongly encouraging physicians and treatment centers to fully consider and communicate all treatment options to ovarian cancer patients.

We’re grateful for the increased awareness around this issue, and for the opportunity to contribute to the discussion in hopes of further educating and informing those who will benefit from it most.

The authors of the study on which the article is based include OCRF Scientific Advisory Committee member and grantee Ursula Matulonis, MD.

Read the full Letter to the Editor from OCRF in The New York Times.

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