The Overview: September 2023

OCRA Announces Game-Changing Initiatives

Graphic: teal circle with the words Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Across the middle of the circle, the word September appears on a gold ribbon. OCRA logo is in below the ribbon.

This month, OCRA announced a trio of initiatives that carry profound implications for ovarian cancer and related research and patient support: OCRA will expand its mission to include related gynecologic cancers, will create the first comprehensive ovarian and endometrial cancer registry, and will initiate a groundbreaking international data commons.
Audra Moran, President and CEO of OCRA, remarked, “This marks a pivotal moment in our fight against ovarian and related cancers. These three initiatives represent a profound step toward a future where these cancers no longer dictate lives.” 

Designate Your Donation

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month ends on Saturday, and we need our community’s help to reach our $300,000 fundraising goal. Through September 30th you can direct your gift toward specific areas of our mission, including scientific research, patient support programs, free genetic testing, and general support.

Dr. Anil Sood headshot
Dr. Anil K. Sood

OCRA-Funded Study Tackles Treatment Resistance

An OCRA-funded study, co-authored by Dr. Anil Sood, sought to understand why certain ovarian cancer cells resist olaparib treatment, and discovered that introducing a second drug (mifepristone) while targeting certain cells (polyploid giant cancer cells) may offer a solution.

Registration Ends Soon for Advocacy Day

OCRA’s Fall Advocacy Day returns to Capitol Hill on October 23rd – 24th, and just a few spots remain to join us. Training is included, and no advocacy experience is required. In the case of a government shutdown, OCRA will still hold an advocacy event.

OCRA-Funded Study Helps Eliminate Barrier to Genetic Testing

Photo collage of vertical headshots of Dr. Alan D'Andrea, Dr. Karen Lu, and Dr. Elizabeth Swisher
Dr. Alan D. D’Andrea, Dr. Karen H. Liu, Dr. Elizabeth M. Swisher

Genetic testing can save lives, making it crucial to eliminate unnecessary barriers to this important tool. Research co-funded by OCRA, in collaboration with Stand Up to Cancer and co-led by Dr. Elizabeth Swisher, found that genetic counseling may be one such barrier for individuals without a pathogenic variant.

Seeking Loved One Mentors

Photo of a young couple, smiling for camera. Woman is seated with a medical bracelet on her wrist. Man is next to her, with arms up in a strong pose, in a show of support.

OCRA’s Woman to Woman peer mentoring program is now open to loved ones of those impacted by ovarian cancer. We are currently seeking Loved One Mentors. Mentors receive training and are matched with Mentees by our Patient Support Team.

More September updates

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