The Overview: August 2021

As we count down to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and our virtual National Conference, there are so many ways to get involved … whether by learning more and connecting with others or raising awareness of the disease and vital funds for research. Read on to find out how you can be a voice, and a hero, for the ovarian cancer community.


Research OCRA
  • Researchers at UT Southwestern have discovered a potential “Achilles’ heel” in ovarian cancer cells, and a new biomarker that may open up more avenues for targeted therapies. Learn more about this study, whose lead author, Sridevi Challa, PhD, is an OCRA grantee.
  • High grade serous carcinoma is the most common type of ovarian cancer, accounting for approximately 75% of epithelial ovarian cancers. But even though it is often the default type that’s referenced in discussions of ovarian cancer, there is still much to learn.
Dr. Sridevi Challa


Advocacy OCRA
  • Are you from DE, ID, KS, ME, NE, NM, NV, RI, VT, or WY? If so, we need you! A special Advocate Leader application period is now open, and all are welcome to apply, especially if you’re from one of the ten states mentioned above. As an Advocate Leader, you’ll learn how to educate federal and state policymakers about ovarian cancer, protect funding for lifesaving research, and fight for expanded access to treatment and care. No legislative or advocacy experience is necessary to apply.
  • ACTION ALERT! On July 13, Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) – leader of the Congressional Ovarian Cancer Caucus and an ovarian cancer survivor herself – introduced HR 4412 to reauthorize Johanna’s Law, also known as The Gynecologic Education and Awareness Act. Since it was first enacted over a decade ago, Johanna’s Law has touched millions of lives with its effective education materials, and it remains unmatched in size, scale and scope. But there are still critical gaps in these efforts. Please do your part to build support for HR 4412 and help get it across the finish line. Submit this form to ask your U.S. House Representative to cosponsor HR 4412.
  • OCRA is conducting a survey to gauge the patient response to the expansion of telehealth in response to the pandemic. We will use the results to help guide our advocacy as regulatory changes loom that will impact how our community receives care. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey today.
OCRA Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill


Support OCRA
  • Those who have faced an ovarian or gynecologic cancer diagnosis have much to offer others going through a similar experience. Our Inspired Advice column shares insights from OCRA’s Inspire Online Community. Read what this group has to say about what they found helpful during post-hospitalization recovery and hear their thoughts about recurrence.
  • Our #RareAware campaign is shining a spotlight on the thousands of patients across the U.S. living with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Meet Brooke, who has small cell ovarian cancer, hypercalcemic type, and hear about both her frustrations and her hopes.
  • Call to action! Do you remember when you were first diagnosed? It can be an overwhelming time, and it helps to see that others have gone through it. You can build hope and solidarity in our community, simply by sending us a photo showing how many years since you were first diagnosed. We’ll feature some of these photos at our National Conference, and may even use them in our communications. You can upload your photo here, or email it to


Community OCRA
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is upon us … so let’s talk. This year, we’re encouraging everyone to have important conversations about risk factors and symptoms, about knowing your family history, about taking away the stigma around gynecologic cancers. Check out our Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Toolkit and find out how you can be a hero and be the voice for our community.
  • We are one month away from our Uniting for Hope Ovarian Cancer National Conference. Our program will feature everything you’ve come to expect, with a virtual twist: everyone gets a front-row seat to our expert presentations. Full-group general sessions, breakout discussions on a wide range of topics, community-building activities, a chance to ask the experts your burning questions, and ways to get involved, stay connected, and find support!
  • Hey, Tampa, Virginia Beach, NYC, Orlando, Rio Grande Valley and Atlanta … we’re looking at you! We’ve got a month of events – yoga, cycling and full-body fitness – all with a singular goal: raise funds for ovarian cancer research. There’s even a virtual Zumba option, so no matter where you are, you can get involved and get moving!
  • Be sure to stop by Newk’s Eatery this September, as they turn their restaurants teal while raising funds and awareness for ovarian cancer! All month long, when you visit any Newk’s location, you can make a donation to OCRA at the register, or you can donate when you order online. All Newk’s restaurant locations will celebrate Lori’s Day on September 28th, honoring Newk’s Cares co-founder Lori Newcomb by donating 20% of sales from the day to OCRA.


Ways to Give OCRA
  • Shout out to this month’s OCRA Heroes who have gotten creative for the cause. Meet Phoebe Haines and Rachel Elezi, who teamed up to host an online Spring Serenade; Peter Schmidt, who wrote and directed a musical play in honor of his mother who passed from ovarian cancer; and John Donzelli (aka Tamborine Panda) who dyed his beard teal and turned over his livestreaming platform to raise awareness and funds. 
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is critical, not just for raising awareness about symptoms and risk factors, but for raising the funds that support life-saving research. We have a lofty goal this year of $230,000. Can you help us get there? Stand with the scientists doing groundbreaking research in the lab. Stand with survivors and their families who need every bit of our support. Donate today.
OCRA Heroes Highlights July 2021

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