The Overview: March 2022

There are so many ways to spring into action and knowledge around our shared mission. Read on to learn about promising research findings, how to make your voice heard, ways to receive and generate support, and more!


Research OCRA
  • Recent research findings show that the surgical removal of fallopian tubes in a procedure known as an opportunistic salpingectomy may prevent the most common subtype of ovarian cancer from developing. Learn how this could benefit countless individuals, including those who are not at high risk.
  • OCRA is now accepting letters of intent (LOI) for our 2023 research grants, paving the way to more groundbreaking studies that will bring us closer to a cure. OCRA’s Schreiber Research Grant Program supports postdoctoral fellows, early career independent investigators, and teams of experienced investigators. Accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) is step one of our highly competitive grant process. LOIs are due April 7, 2022.
  • Want to get to know the minds and hearts behind the science? Check out our Meet a Scientist series where we ask OCRA grantees about their work, their motivation, and their hopes for the field of ovarian cancer research and care.


Advocacy OCRA
  • Anyone who has advocated for — or is a part of! — the ovarian cancer community has much to celebrate. Last week, Congress passed the FY22 omnibus spending bill, and it represents great news. Read on for details on the increases that are poised for ovarian cancer programs and research.
  • A huge shout out and thank you to the 217 advocates representing 45 states who held more than 250 meetings with their legislators during Spring Advocacy Day last week! They urged their elected officials to cosponsor legislation supporting genetic testing and access to clinical trials, as well as to increase funding levels of key research and education and outreach efforts.

Patient Support & Programs

Support OCRA
  • Dr. Lori Spoozak, a gynecologic oncologist and palliative care doctor from The University of Kansas Cancer Center recently led a conversation with our Woman to Woman program coordinators and mentors as part of their Continuing Education series. Watch the video and learn what she shares about palliative care, hospice care, and evolving hope within transitions of care.
  • Is someone you love dealing with an ovarian cancer diagnosis or in treatment? OCRA has a virtual support group series catered specifically to spouses, partners, children and friends. It meets on the last Wednesday of each month. Learn more about or register for this Staying Connected group and others.
  • Ovarian cancer researchers and advocates are conducting a survey designed to explore the emotional toll of the pandemic on the survivor community, with the aim to share results with medical professionals. The survey will close on March 31st.


Community OCRA
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in our #23forHope challenge. Though it officially ends today, there is always time to give in honor of the fact that every 23 minutes, someone in this country is diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
  • And if you’re looking for ways to keep active while keeping up a strong level of support toward our mission, consider participating in the 60 Mile Challenge. A Facebook community is forming — thousands strong — who pledge to walk or run 60 miles during the month of April in order to raise funds for our programs, and raise awareness of the fact that more than 60 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every single day.

Ways to Give

Ways to Give OCRA
  • With Tax Day less than a month away, we are all thinking about our finances a little more these days. There are so many ways to provide support for OCRA’s research, patient programs and advocacy efforts, some that offer tax benefits that you might not be aware of. Read more about all the ways you can support our mission — whether it be estate planning, donating crypto, creating your own fundraising initiative, or generating a donation every time you shop your favorite online retailer.

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