The Overview: May 2021

Before we head into the long holiday weekend, we wanted to share all the latest news and happenings. See below for updates in ovarian cancer research and advocacy, and discover new ways to get support and get involved.


Research OCRA
  • A large study just released suggests that ovarian cancer screening among the general public does not save lives, despite the trial identifying more early-stage disease. Every research finding, including disappointing ones from “negative” trials like this one, advances our knowledge in the fight against ovarian cancer. OCRA-funded researchers continue to make progress, searching for more effective methods of detection and better treatments. Learn more about this trial here.
  • OCRA is now accepting letters of intent for our 2022 research grants, paving the way to more groundbreaking studies that will bring us closer to a cure! OCRA’s grant programs support postdoctoral fellows, early career independent investigators, and teams of experienced investigators. Accepting Letters of Intent (LOIs) is step one of our highly-competitive grant process.
  • Though the risk increases as a person gets older, it is still possible to develop ovarian cancer at any age. While rare in people under 40, and particularly rare in girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 19, it can still occur. Learn more.
  • New research from The Wistar Institute and Peter MacCallum Cancer Center has uncovered a previously unknown checkpoint mechanism for gene expression, that may open up new avenues for transcription-based targeted cancer therapies in the future. Learn more about OCRA grantee Dr. Rugang Zhang’s involvement and findings.


Advocacy OCRA
  • OCRA’s Health Equities Task Force met and discussed the impact of telemedicine on ovarian cancer treatment and diagnosis. There are several bills under consideration in Congress that seek to modernize or extend telemedicine/telehealth coverage and usage: CONNECT Act (S.1512) and Telehealth Modernization Act (S.368). Our conversation was enlightening and gave rise to some important questions that we will raise with bill sponsors as the debate continues. The HETF also discussed ways to improve and broaden OCRA’s Advocate Leaders program.
  • The President’s FY 2022 budget is expected to be released this week. OCRA will be closely tracking several key areas of funding in the proposal. Namely, we have pushed for an increase in funding for biomedical research at National Institute of Health’s National Cancer Initiative. We are also looking for a $15M increase in funding for the Ovarian Cancer Research Project within the Department of Defense. The release of the President’s proposal will finally set the appropriations process in motion in the U.S. House and Senate. Indeed, the House Appropriations Committee began budget proposal hearings this week with administration officials.
Letter to President Biden


Support OCRA
  • Do you have a rare form of ovarian cancer? We want to hear from you! We are launching a new campaign called #RareAware that will, like its name suggests, raise awareness around rare forms of ovarian cancer — shining a light on the people affected by these rare tumors, offering resources and information, and building community. Please share your story here and stay tuned for more information.
  • Staying Connected is our series of weekly support sessions, but did you know that we now offer two special monthly sessions as well? Sexual Health & Intimacy allows for discussion, support, and strategies around the emotional and physical aspects of intimacy, communication with your partner, and feeling confidence within oneself. (3rd Wednesday 1pm ET) Friends & Family is an open meeting for partners, spouses, adult children, and close friends. This group offers support and helps loved ones navigate the stresses of ovarian cancer. (4th Wednesday 1pm ET).
  • Want a simple, meaningful way to help make a difference for those in the ovarian cancer community? All you need is a phone with a video camera, and your voice. Send us a short video telling us what OCRA means to you, and help connect more people to our research, advocacy and support programs!
Call for videos


  • Save the date!! Our Ovarian Cancer National Conference will take place — virtually — September 28th – October 1st. We’re building on the success of last year and adding even more features. 
  • We have several fitness fundraising events taking place in the coming weeks. There’s a 5K Whisper Run/Walk on Sunday, June 6th; and three Ovarian Cycle events will be held on Saturday, June 12th in Temple, TX; Massapequa, NY; and Clayton, MO. Not only will they have stationary bike rides, but some events offer Pilates and yoga as well. On July 10th, supporters in Fayetteville, GA can participate in a 5k Color Run and on July 27th we are premiering our OCRA Heroes: LYMBR for a Cure, a 45-minute LYMBR personalized stretching class via Zoom. Check out our Events page to learn more about each event and to register.


Ways to Give OCRA
  • We’d like to shine a spotlight on two OCRA Heroes who have shown there is more than one way to raise money to support ovarian cancer research. Meet Tamborine Panda, a gamer with a Twitch channel and teal hair, and Jonathan Sockolosky, a cancer researcher himself who has gone the extra mile. Literally.
  • Speaking of heroes, it doesn’t take much to make a difference. Here are three unique ways to generate support for OCRA’s mission:
    • Shop Online. Shopping for Dads or Grads? Stocking up for summer? Amazon Smile offers the selection and convenience of Amazon, with a bonus–with every order, you’ll be supporting OCRA. Shop Amazon Smile. You can also find great coupons and browse hundreds of major retailers on, and they’ll donate a percentage of each purchase to OCRA as your selected cause. Shop GoodShop.
    • Round Up Your Purchases. Support OCRA by rounding up the spare change on your purchases to the nearest dollar, with Cheerful Giving. You’ll receive monthly statements and tax-deductible receipts to keep track of your contributions, can set a monthly limit on your donations, and can pause donations at any time.
    • Car Donations. Donate your car and 80% of the sale will support OCRA. Vehicles for Charity offers free pick-up of used cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, campers, and more. Donors will be provided with a tax-deductible receipt. For more information and to schedule a donation, call 1-866-628-2277 or complete their simple online form.

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