Judy’s Mission Ovarian Cancer Foundation

The Judy’s Mission Ovarian Cancer Foundation was created to honor Judith Liebenthal Robinson, Ph.D. (Judy), a NASA scientist, who despite habitual exercise, a consistently healthy diet, and regular medical examinations, was diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer and died within a year. While battling ovarian cancer, it was Judy’s mission to raise awareness about the vague symptoms and ineffective screening procedures associated with ovarian cancer. She inspired all who knew her; and as a result, friends came together to create the Judy’s Mission Ovarian Cancer Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which was founded in November 2010.

Our Mission 

  • To increase awareness about ovarian cancer and its symptoms and to help call attention to the need for early diagnosis and treatment of the disease
  • To educate the medical community as well as women on the signs, symptoms and the critical nature of early diagnosis of ovarian cancer
  • To fund research for effective screening and treatment of ovarian cancer

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