Menopause, Sexual Health and Fertility

  • Alliance for Fertility Preservation
    Alliance for Fertility Preservation focuses on fertility preservation for cancer patients by sharing information and resources.
  • American Cancer Society: Sex and the Adult Female with Cancer
    The American Cancer Society has some helpful information on cancer, sex and sexuality and how to cope with changes due to treatment.
  • CancerCare: Coping with Fertility Concerns
    Information on coping with the loss of fertility.
  • Cryopreservation
    Information on Ovarian Tissue Freezing.
  • Foundation for Women’s Cancer: Renewing Intimacy and Sexuality After Gynecologic Cancer
    This is a downloadable brochure from the Foundation for Women’s Cancer that addresses the common concern of sexual changes and cancer.
  • Hope for Two
    Offers free support for those diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. 
  • LiveStrong Fertility Program
    In 2009, Livestrong acquired Fertile Hope and created LiveStrong Fertility. This program can help you understand the risks of cancer treatment on fertility and provides a fertility discount program to eligible women.
  • OncoFertility Consortium at Northwestern
    The Oncofertility Consortium is an initiative out of Northwestern University in Illinois that studies the impact of cancer on fertility. This site provides information and resources on the impact cancer has on fertility in young adults.
  • ReproTech
    ReproTech is a cryostorage facility offering long-term storage to IVF centers and oncology professionals. Specimens with a human touch.
  • SaveMyFertility
    A resource for adult cancer patients and the parents of children with cancer who want to learn more about preserving their fertility before and during cancer treatment, and protecting their hormonal health after treatment.
  • TakeCharge
    FCancer and Oncofertility have partnered to educate people whose fertility may be impacted by their disease or treatment.
  • Team Maggie’s Dream
    Provides financial support for fertility preservation.
  • The Cade Foundation
    Nonprofit organization that provides information, support, and financial assistance to those struggling with fertility.
  • The Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer
    The Network is comprised of physicians, researchers, and healthcare providers dedicated to ensuring women have “timely access to evidence-based education and care to promote sexual well-being and optimize sexual outcomes.” This website has a resource list of material for women as well as search engine to find a physician within their network.
  • WomanLab
    A virtual platform to discuss and learn about women’s sexuality and provides questions to ask your doctor about sex and cancer.
Egg freezing for ovarian cancer patients

Egg Freezing for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Fertility preservation is an important consideration for many young ovarian cancer patients and one common procedure is egg freezing. Find answers to common questions about this option, and read about one woman’s experience.