Application Process

OCRA runs one grant cycle each year. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are issued every spring. We use a two step application and peer review process. Letters of Intent (LOIs) are due in early spring and undergo a rigorous peer review by our Scientific Advisory Committee. After LOI review, a subset of those applicants are invited to submit full proposals. Final grant notifications are made in the fall. (This timeline is subject to change.)

The review process—including all meeting deliberations, scores and written critiques of proposals, as well as other materials provided for the review of proposals—is confidential. A confidentiality and conflict-of-interest statement must be signed by each reviewer. Grants for projects selected through this process are then made to non-profit medical institutions on behalf of individual investigators or project directors.

OCRA 2023 Grant Cycle

Letter of Intent (LOI) OpensMarch 7, 2022Passed
Letter of Intent (LOI) DueApril 7, 2022Passed
Full Proposal DueJune 22, 2022Current
Grant NotificationEnd of September 2022Next
*all dates are subject to change

Current RFP for CRDG

Current RFP for CRDG-AI

Current RFP for MIG

Current RFP for ECIG

To apply to any of OCRA’s Grants, please apply through ProposalCENTRAL.

*all LOIs and Full Proposals MUST be submitted through ProposalCENTRAL. Extensions and late submissions will not be permitted.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list so you know when RFPs are available for future grant cycles, please send an email to