Press Roundup

Our message about a turning point in the fight against ovarian cancer is making national headlines. View some of the press coverage below.

“As oncologists, we have our eyes set on curing cancer… But if there’s one thing that’s absolutely better than curing cancer, it’s not getting it in the first place.” — Dr. Dianne Miller, former leader of gynecologic cancer services in British Columbia

The New York Times

“This is now an important group that has come out and said ‘We really do think these conversations should happen pretty regularly.’” — Arif Kamal, chief patient officer for the American Cancer Society

The Washington Post

“Ovarian cancer is a relatively rare disease, and typically, we don’t message to the general population,” Audra Moran, [president & CEO of OCRA], told The New York Times. “We want everyone with ovaries to know their risk level and know the actions they can take to help prevent ovarian cancer.”

US News & World Report

“People diagnosed with ovarian cancer and their families should be freed from the burden of believing that if only they had recognized and acted on the symptoms earlier, they would have a vastly different outcome, as we know this is not the case,” [OCRA’s] latest news release said.


“I’m not, by any means, advocating that someone who is at average risk go to their doctor and say ‘Hey, do this surgery for me,'” said Dr. Bhavana Pothuri, a gynecological oncologist at NYU Langone Perlmutter Cancer Center. [She] says the recommendation is for patients who are done having children and already undergoing a procedure. 

CBS News