Ask the SAC | What is Gained by Better Understanding Other Gynecologic Cancers?

OCRA’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is comprised of doctors and researchers who are well-known and well-respected experts in the field of gynecologic oncology. They review the proposals we receive for research funding — hundreds of letters of intent and grant applications from investigators all around the world who are determined and dedicated to finding a cure for ovarian cancer.

We posed the following question to our SAC, and below are their responses.

What can be gained by increasing our understanding of other gynecologic cancers or other parts of the female reproductive system? 

  • “Cancers of the ovary, fallopian tube and uterus share some similar molecular characteristics [to ovarian cancer]. The more we learn about these cancers, as well as what we learn from cancers beyond the reproductive system, the more we might be able to apply these approaches to prevent or treat many of the reproductive system cancers that affect women.” 
  • “Many things … but one would be to consider molecular overlap and similar novel therapeutic strategies that are target driven.”
  • “Effective new therapy, potential preventions strategies.”
  • “A better understanding of the gynecologic cancers will spur further work and research on prevention and early detection, which will likely also impact ovarian cancer care.”
  • “Knowledge is power — and our mission to continue to learn and unravel the nature of gynecologic cancers will give insight across the spectrum of diseases and help bring more advances across the diagnosis and treatment of all gynecologic cancers.”
  • “We are understanding more about the fundamental underpinnings of ovarian and other gynecologic cancers that behave similarly (e.g. uterine serous cancer).”

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