BE LOUD Video Series Turns Up the Volume on Ovarian Cancer

(August 21, 2019)

Every 23 minutes, another woman in the U.S. hears the words “You have ovarian cancer” for the first time.

Because ovarian cancer symptoms can be subtle and attributed to other factors, diagnosis often comes as a surprise. And along with it comes a host of overwhelming information, decisions to be made, and new emotions to work through.

Now, in a new 6-part video series sponsored by AstraZeneca in partnership with OCRA, ovarian cancer survivors are speaking up and reaching out, raising awareness of the symptoms and using their voices to tell other women going through it, You are not alone.

“The best suggestion or advice that I received was to be open about my diagnosis, to share with folks that you can put a healthy face to cancer and to share your experiences,” says Kathy, a 5-year survivor. “Because even though we may all have the same diagnosis, the ways we handle it are all so different.”

In the series, called BE LOUD, survivors offer advice to women who are recently diagnosed, in treatment, and beyond, and talk about the importance of research for driving better treatments and cures – and how telling their stories can be a force for progress.

Says Annie, a 14-year survivor, “The advocate voice – the survivor voice – is actually involved with researchers as they’re developing new clinical trials and trying to find new ways to treat ovarian cancer and make things better in the future for us.”

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Join us as we discuss the ovarian cancer experience on social media and #beLOUDforOC. Together, our voices are making a difference.

The BE LOUD video series is sponsored by AstraZeneca in partnership with Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

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