Thank You for 20 Years of Hope Through Research

Sol Schreiber OCRF Founder

“In 1989, my wife Ann was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. At that time, there wasn’t much information on the disease, and there was little research being funded. While Ann bravely battled the disease, I spoke with the families and friends of other ovarian cancer patients. Together, we learned more and supported each other.

It was then that Ann and I decided to start a charity to combat not only ovarian cancer, but also the fear, isolation and uncertainty that surrounds it. We envisioned an organization that would fund important research to one day find a cure while also supporting women and their loved ones going through the same thing.

After a valiant fight, Ann passed away in September 1994. Exactly twenty years ago this month, with the help of her doctors and our friends, I realized the vision we so passionately shared and Ovarian Cancer Research Fund was created.

Our first year of research funding totaled $400,000. I’m thrilled to say that OCRF has grown into the largest charity funding ovarian cancer research in the U.S., and has invested over $65 million in critical, cutting-edge research at leading medical centers all across the country. In recent years, the organization has seen a 450% increase in applications received. For twenty years OCRF has inspired bright young scientific minds, cultivated their careers, and encouraged them to stay in the ovarian cancer research field, while also funding top senior scientists working on the next breakthroughs.

I am so pleased to see OCRF expand its national reach to include an ever-increasing network of generous and dedicated supporters. In the last five years alone, we have seen tremendous growth. Ovarian Cycle, OCRF’s series of indoor cycling rides, has expanded from three to twenty cities across the United States. Woman to Woman, OCRF’s support program for gynecologic cancer patients and their families continues to add new sites each year and is now serving patients at 16 hospitals throughout the country. OCRF’s Team Hope began as a handful of local groups supporting a common cause and has grown into a thriving community that has raised millions of dollars and immeasurable awareness for ovarian cancer research. And OCRF’s designer garage sale fundraiser, Super Saturday, has expanded to Los Angeles, where we launched a second event this year.

I am humbled and grateful that so many people share our vision and have helped OCRF make such an impact in the fight against ovarian cancer. And I rejoice in knowing that women with ovarian cancer are now living longer, with more effective treatments and improved quality of life, thanks in part to research funded by OCRF. OCRF’s supporters have helped make this success possible. But as we all know, research is incremental—it takes time and it’s an investment in the future. There is more work to be done, and we must persevere.

I know that Ann would be incredibly proud of what we’ve all accomplished together over the past twenty years. On her behalf, and on behalf of everyone affected by this terrible disease, thank you for fighting alongside us. It is my sincere hope that by working together, over the next twenty years we will find a cure for ovarian cancer.”

-Sol Schreiber
OCRF Founder and Chair

There is more work to be done, and we can only do it with your help.  Your donation today could mean a cure for the future.

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