Inspired Advice: What Improves Your Mood?

Those who have faced an ovarian or gynecologic cancer diagnosis have so much to offer to others going through a similar experience – be it support, tips or friendship. Inspired Advice is a blog series that tackles specific topics – from  managing treatment-related nausea to tips for staying positive – and shares advice and reflections from our OCRA Inspire Online Community. They are, in many ways, the experts.

Finding solace in fresh air and friends

  • “Being outside on a sunny day.”
  • “Getting out in the fresh air.”
  • “My friends try to cheer me up by taking me outside and doing things.”
  • “Riding my motorcycle!”
  • “Meeting friends for lunch.”
  • “A nice walk to reflect and think about my blessings.”
  • “Being with friends.”

Connecting with canine companions and other pets

  • “Taking my dogs to the dog park.”
  • “Laughter along with my pets.”
  • “Walking my dogs.”
  • “Dogs.”

Seeking comfort in soothing activities and spirituality

  • “Daily devotional reading helps me. When I go ‘dark,’ I turn to God for strength and comfort.”
  • “Yoga.”
  • “Laughing and prayer.”

Lifting your mood with music

  • “I loved listening to inspirational music during treatment.”
  • “Playing chemo fight song (‘I am Woman,’ Helen Reddy).”
  • “Concerts.”
  • “Music, either classical or upbeat contemporary.  Dance with your mind and body.”
  • “Listening to my favorite bands.”

Taking a creative escape via books, music, art

  • “Good books, lots of them. Really exciting ones!”
  • “Movies, artistic interests.”
  • “Reading a good book, going to a movie.”
  • “Going to the art museum.”
  • “Funny movies are very good.”
  • “Reading.”

Staying busy and surrounding yourself with support

  • “Every day I accomplish something that I previously had to put on hold because of aftereffects.”
  • “I go to meet counselors and support groups.”
  • “New projects.”
  • “Spending time with supportive friends.”
  • “Keeping busy and getting your mind off of the disease.”

Continuing to cope while self-quarantining

With many in-person social activities still curtailed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, feelings of isolation may be compounded. Find coping strategies and other resources.

OCRA’s ovarian cancer online support community through offers a safe and private place to share encouraging feedback, compassionate support, and honest personal experiences.  There are members from across the world who share their questions, concerns, successes and struggles with honesty and courage. Learn more or join our online Ovarian Cancer Inspire community.

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