Inspired Advice: What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Those who have faced an ovarian or gynecologic cancer diagnosis have so much to offer to others going through a similar experience – be it support, tips or friendship. “Inspired Advice” is a blog series that tackles specific topics – from what can boost your mood to how to discuss your diagnosis with children – and shares advice and reflections from our OCRA Inspire Online Community. They are, in many ways, the experts.

Getting strong and giving back

  • “When I am having a good day. When I smile. Beautiful is now a relative term.”
  • “I don’t know if it’s beautiful that I need to feel, but I feel empowered when I am out advocating for ovarian cancer awareness.”
  • “When I wake up feeling good enough to put on a little mascara and blush even though I do not leave the house that day.”
  • “My strength.”

Rocking real locks (long or short!)

  • “My full head of long blonde hair. The Penguin Cold Cap over 18 straight weeks was the best thing I did after choosing Dr. Dennis Chi, oncologist surgeon at MSK.”
  • “Having my hair grow back.”
  • “I look great with very short hair.”

Feeling support from family and friends

  • “Seeing the love in my husband’s eyes.”
  • “I lost a lot of weight during treatment and surgery so friends of mine took me shopping to find clothes that fit.”
  • “The caring from my friends and family.”

Dressing up…and blending in

  • “Dangling earrings and bright lipstick.”
  • “I take good care of my grooming and appearance.  When I didn’t have hair, I wore a wig and makeup.  I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me because I looked sick.”  
  • “This is a tough one! Not much, actually. I like cute hats.” 
  • “I just wanted to look like everyone else. The wigs helped. I didn’t want to stand out in the crowd. I just wanted to live and I was willing to go through anything.”
  • “I don’t know about ‘beautiful’.  I do have fun finding brooches (just costume jewelry) to pin in my hats during chemo. I don’t need to feel beautiful but I do need to laugh and make jokes…even about cancer.”

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